Doggie Dooley

Keep lawns and play areas clean with the Eco-Friendly Doggie Dooley! ​

"Odormute™ Powder"

Doggie Dooley is the original in-ground pet waste disposal system. On the market since 1968, it's a nice, neat, clean way to dispose of dog waste in your own back yard. It works like a miniature septic system, composting dog waste into a ground-absorbed liquid utilizing ordinary water and natural acting bacteria and enzymes. Dig a hole in your yard, install in the ground, then drop in dog waste, Waste Terminator digester and water for continuous breakdown of dog waste. The environmentally friendly Doggie Dooley is harmless to pets, lawns, trees and shrubs. It's ideal for most soil conditions except heavy clay. ​

The Waste Terminator Digester is a specially-designed blend of bacillus subtillis bacteria and protein enzymes which work to break down dog waste. These natural-acting bacteria are "mother nature's housekeepers" and work to break down organic waste in the environment. Waste Terminator Digester is safe for the environment and non-toxic when used as directed, but should be kept away from children and pets.
On the market since 1968! Over 45 years!

Doggie Dooley 3535 ( for 1 big or 2 small dogs )
"Odormute™ Powder"

Price: EUR 48,9 Incl. VAT

Doggie Dooley 3800X ( 2 big or 4 small dogs )
"Odormute™ Powder"

Price: EUR 114,5 Incl. VAT EUR 97 Incl. VAT

Odormute Waste Terminator Tablets ( 100 pcs.)
"Odormute™ Powder"

Price: EUR 39 Incl. VAT

Odormute Waste Terminator Powder ( 360g )
"Odormute™ Powder"

Price: EUR 22,5 Incl. VAT

Odormute Waste Terminator Powder ( 1120g )
"Odormute™ Powder"

Price: EUR 59,6 Incl. VAT

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